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Ithaca Ale House: Winning Combo

Amazing Burgers, great beer selection, friendly and knowledgeable bar-tenders, Plasma HD TV's, low-key and comfy environment and only steps from the Ithaca Commons. What else could we want? How about having George the Bartender (Who is George? Only the best bartender in all of Ithaca!) The Ithaca Ale house is a winning combination of great location, great food, great beer selection and great bartenders.

The Food: 4 Stars out of 5

The 3 Bite Burger is the star on the menu because it tastes great and they look so damn cool. It makes both a great bar snack food to share with a friend or a satisfying meal for one. Odds are you will have a chance to see one before you order it as every other table seems to order the 3 Bite Burger. The Ale House serves big burgers too and they have a WOW factor to them: they are so big you might have a hard time getting your mouth around one. The BYOB burger is a 1/2 pd of Black Angus beef severed on a toasted bun with a monster slice of tomato and fries. Yes, they do serve things other than burgers, but we really, really enjoyed their burgers.

The Experience: 5 Stars out of 5

The staff at the Ale House really adds to your experience; the knowledgeable bartenders are well versed on the nuances of the beer they serve which ensures you get the kind of beer taste you want. The beer is a key component to the Ale House and they make it easy for you to explore their beers with flights; a flight is five different types of beer each served in a five ounce glass. New beers are added each week, so the exploration can go on and on. Their menu even makes suggestions on what beer goes with each food selection. Don't let all this talk of beer and flights scare you from taking the kids, the Ale House is a family friendly environment: around dinner over half the tables generally have kids. This is a clean, well-lighted place where your kid is NOT going to hear fowl language. Both Dad, Mom and the kids will be pleased. In the later evening the Ale House transforms into a friendly neighborhood bar, one with plenty of beer and smiles to go around.

The Price: $$$
Ale House prices seem right on the mark for an establishment right on the main strip in downtown Ithaca.

Ithaca Ale House is located at 111 N. Aurora St, Ithaca, NY.

Reviewed Feb 28, 2007

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