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Ithaca Restaurant Review: Ithaca's Dining Guide

For a city of only 30,000, Ithaca, New York is lucky to have so many restaurants; Ithaca has more restaurants per capita than New York City. Ithaca has a wide selection of restaurants to choose that range from the world famous Moosewood Restaurant to the locally famous Maxies Supper Club - the variety is refreshing, tantalizing, and appetizing.

Finding the Good Meals in Ithaca
Eating out is a democratic process - diners vote with their feet and wallets. Educating the voter is key to a democracy and so educating the diner is key to a good review process; our goal is to shed light on the good meals in town. Since dining is a qualitative experience that is subjective, we will do our best to present the facts as we see them as well as the subjective experience of dinning at Ithaca's restaurants.

Madelines RestaurantIthaca's Place for Dessert

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Simeon'sExtremely Satisfying and Pleasing

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Maxies Supper ClubEat Great Food Late

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